Howard Sherman: Exploited Nudes Meant for Commodification catalogue, 2020

Exhibition Catalogue for Howard Sherman: Exploited Nudes Meant for Commodification 

Regarding his new work, Sherman states:This new body of work includes paintings and works on paper that showcase dramatic shifts in both scale and material. For the first time, I’m creating small paintings on canvas that are mounted on board. I’ve also created some medium to large scale works on paper. It’s a size that I haven’t tackled since 2012. Everything I make feels so different now. The compositions continue to grow more distilled yet retain a raw power that they’re known for. Everything feels less polychromatic while still vitally charged with specific color choices. Additionally, I‘ve included a couple of assemblages that I did in the New York City studio before the pandemic. These pieces have been critical to my growth using materials such as canvas and paper in a more physical way. The ones chosen for this show seem to integrate with the rest of this work. 


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