Fidencio Duran

Beekeeper, 2018
acrylic on canvas
12 x 48 in
13.50 x 49.50 in
After my parents married in 1948 my mother's family purchased a small farm in Maxwell, TX in 1950. They commissioned a small wood house and worked the land to raise crops and maintain some animals. Aside from milk cows they kept chickens and raised pigs. They cleared fields to plant cotton and corn for several years. When the siblings married and started families it was the weekly site of after church dinner. We would usually spend the afternoons playing with our cousins while my parents visited my aunts and grandparents. Seasonal preserves were made with the peach and pear crops. At a time they also kept bees for honey. It was not uncommon to have fresh honeycombs and fresh milk to make queso fresco.

Signed and dated, lower right.

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