E. Dan Klepper

Birdcage (3/25), 2021
photomontage on archival paper
56.50 x 39.50 in
64 x 44.50 in
*Additional sizes available upon request.

"During the winter freeze, I tried to stay warm and kept the birds fed. In return, the birds helped me create this image, called “Birdcage”. In addition to keeping a bird feeder stocked with seed, I created the shape of a birdcage from bits of scrap wire, bending the wire so it would look like the birds were busting out of the cage, and hung it in the bare Fresno tree outside my window and alongside the feeder. Over time, I photographed the birds who came to the birdcage and the feeder next to it, then layered the images with hundreds of photographs I’d taken of birds sitting in the tree branches. Despite the snow and bare branches, I think the resulting image feels a little bit like spring." - EDK

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