James H. Evans

Hallie and Dadie Stillwell (1/50), 1991
Photograph on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper
20 x 22 in
32.75 x 30.50 in
Hallie Stillwell was a Justice of the Peace, and we worked together performing weddings – she officiating and me taking photographs. Dadie, her daughter was my surrogate mother. I loved these women, and in some ways, they were my role models for the independent life you must adapt to live in this region. These women owned and operated a ranch on the Mexico border until they died. Hallie was quick witted, and to the point with answers when I asked her questions. Dadie was my mom. She took care of me when I visited with meals, direction, and hugs. If she needed anything done, I did it. In 1991 they opened the Hallie Hall of Fame Museum and I took this photo to commemorate the day. Of all my images, this is the only one I have on my own wall. Signed, titled, and dated, en verso. *Published in "Big Bend Pictures," University of Texas Press, 2003

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