James H. Evans

Burro Lady (Judy Majers) (1/50), 2001
Photograph on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper
20 x 20 in
31.25 x 31.25 in

For years I would see Judy in restaurants and traveling along the highways of Brewster County. Sometimes I would snap a photo of her, and then ask if I could take one. She would always say “No, thank you.” One day I saw her on Highway 90, heading east to Marathon from Alpine. I would drive ahead of her, make an image, and drive ahead again, make another. Finally, I just stopped and said, “Mam, I have seen you for years, and I think you are the most amazing person I’ve never met. When you get to Marathon would you please stop by my studio.” She did, and I asked her questions about all the rumors I’d heard. She mainly said, “yes” or “no”, but didn’t really open herself up to a fluid conversation or deep talk. (Like, what put you on the back of a burro traveling hundreds of miles and many years at a burro’s pace?) It was astounding. I made several photographs of her sleeping on the side of the road, and then this one as she was leaving town. Finally, and with her permission.

*Published in "Big Bend Pictures," University of Texas Press, 2003

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20 x 20 = $3,000
30x30 = $4,000
40 x 40 = $5,000

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