Mallory Agerton

Land of the Brave, 2020
oil on canvas
30 x 40 in
39.50 x 49.50 in

Signed lower right. Signed, titled, dated, en verso. 

Artist Note: There are a few interesting things about the painting. It is a visual response to the turbulent year we are all experiencing. Many of my earlier pieces have been full of tranquility and serenity, but this one is not. Land of the Brave is full of diagonals. There is tension between the giant rain cloud with lighting on the right and the tiny bare tree on the left. There is tension between the large white cloud and the dark scrub oaks on the right. The lightening echoes the shape of the dead trees. The shadowed foreground is balanced by the light cloud mass. Despite all the dramatic tension, there is still a quality of eternal beauty to the land. The painting is my second “Overlook” piece from the Hill Country. I loved being able to explore this theme!

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