E. Dan Klepper

Quartered Peaks (Series of 9), 2020-21
photo-based, hand-painted monoprint
36 x 36 in
12 x 12 in
"This set of nine, 8x8 inch photo-based, hand-painted monoprints feature mountain peaks found throughout west Texas. They are framed in 12x12 inch frames behind museum acrylic.

Sawtooth, Iron, Blue, Blanca, Goat, Star, and Tusk – these are just a few mountain names among hundreds comprising more than 40 ranges scattered across west Texas. The region, known as the Trans-Pecos, encompasses in excess of 31,000 square miles and features dozens of peaks over a mile high; all surmountable with a little effort (no Rocky Mountains here) but remarkable nonetheless for the unoccupied vastness they inhabit and the possibility that most of their summits rarely, if ever, harbor a human footprint.

Over my decades of hiking among them, tackling summits has been a feature but rarely an ambition. A hike and a scramble to the top provides a sense of a mountain’s limits (and mine) while offering a glimpse of the surrounding lay of the land. But for me, a mountain’s intrigue lies not in its conquest but in its shadows – the wild lives they generate and the secrets they harbor, stumbled upon by chance or illuminated by a sudden ray of light. Known or nameless, these mountains serve as sentinels rather than challenges, and whenever I hit a trail or venture cross country, they are the waymarks that remain when my map-reading fails, suggesting the way forward before guiding me home." - EDK

Quartered Peaks measures 36x36 inches square. The components, nine framed prints, measure 12x12 inches each.

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