Linnis Blanton

Sandstone Metamorphosis,
thrown and altered stoneware clay, sandblasted
37 x 11 x 11 in
“Sandstone Metamorphosis” is the largest work in “Spirited Vessels.” This sculpture embodies the dual nature of many of Blanton’s works, as they oscillate between human figuration and earth formations. Blanton uses earth itself to refer to the rock formations found in the American Southwest, and “Sandstone Metamorphosis” specifically calls to mind hoodoos (spire like rock formations caused by erosion). Hoodoos, also know as chimney rocks, when singular appear sentinel-like, and imbue the landscape with a kind of figural spectator. The hole at the top of the sculpture allows the viewer to gaze into a deep darkness, but also serves a reminder of how the work was created, on the potter’s wheel, its shape formed by the hands of the artist.

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