Lee Jamison

Shade Seekers, 2018
oil on canvas
18 x 24 in
24.25 x 30.25 in

Location: Approximately 1/2 mile south of Mission Tejas State Park off of Hwy 21.

Golly gee, it was hot. Since I was a college boy at Lon Morris College in Jacksonville I have always loved traveling the stretch of Highway 21 between Crockett and Alto. So, going back to see some of these fields I had always loved was a necessity. This one, though it seems less so flattened on a canvas, had always seemed to me filled with wonderful spatial relationships- the distant trees, the intervening field, the near middle ground trees, and so forth. But as I trudged along the highway, avoiding fire ant piles and slapping mosquitoes, I was beginning to question what the limits of necessity really were. As someone known for fedoras I was pleased to have worn a white Panama hat instead of my usual black felt fedora. Black, I thought, would be the worst possible color. And, somehow, I hadn't noticed them till that moment.

There in the shadows of every tree were many cattle, all black as midnight. And they all appeared to agree that standing in the sun wearing black was a bad idea. Illustrated in "Ode to East Texas: The Art of Lee Jamison", Texas A&M University Press, 2021, page 94.

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