David Caton

Skyline Drive #3, Davis Mountains State Park, 2020
oil on canvas
28 x 36 in
31.25 x 39.25 in
The Art of Texas State Parks, pages 88-89 About the park: Nestled in Keesey Canyon in the foothills of the West Texas mountain range, Davis Mountains State Park provides a mile-high refuge in one of the first areas designated for a future park by the State Parks Board in 1923. The park did not become a reality until the arrival of two CCC units in 1933, initiating road construction and other improvements. At the head of the canyon rests Indian Lodge, also constructed by the CCC crews, that references the architecture of Native American and Spanish structures. Opening in 1939, the park has grown to encompass more than twenty-six hundred acres and draws visitors with the promise of cool mountain air and its designation as a Globally Important Bird Area by the American Bird Conservancy Artist quote: "This painting portrays the light in the middle ground contrasted by a distant background shadow, a threatening sky, and a large foreground boulders. There are many other landscape subjects in the Davis Mountains, from intimate creeks and beautiful golden cottonwoods that can be enjoyed in the fall, but Skyline Drive has incredible views in every direction and is one of my favorite places in the park. - David Caton

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