The Nueces River | Rio Escondido by Margie Crisp, 2017

The Nueces River | Río Escondido
By Margie Crisp
Illustrated by William B. Montgomery
Foreword by Andrew Sansom

First appearing on early Spanish maps as the Río Escondido, or hidden river, and later named Río de las Nueces after the abundant pecan trees along its banks, the Nueces today is a stream of seeming contradictions: a river that runs above and below ground; a geographic reminder of a history both noble and egregious; and a spring-fed stream transformed into a salty, steep-sided channel.

From its fresh, clear headwaters on the Edwards Plateau, Margie Crisp and William B. Montgomery follow the river through the mesquite and prickly pear of the South Texas Plains, to the river’s end in Nueces and Corpus Christi Bays on the Gulf of Mexico. With vivid prose and paintings, they record their travels as they explore the length of the river on foot, kayak, and fishing boat, ultimately weaving a vivid portrait of today’s Nueces. Capturing the river’s subtle beauty, abundant wildlife, diverse culture, and unique history of exploration, conflict, and settlement, they reveal the untold story of this enigmatic river with passion, humor, and reverence.

MARGIE CRISP, who lives and works near Elgin, is a naturalist, writer, and artist whose work can be found in private and public collections in the United States and Mexico. She is the author of the award-winning book River of Contrasts: The Texas Colorado. WILLIAM B. MONTGOMERY, a native Texan, is an artist whose paintings and etchings are collected throughout the United States and abroad. His artwork has been used on the covers of scientific books as well as popular novels.

978-1-62349-515-2 Flexbound (with Flaps) 
9 x 10 x 0 in 
284 pp. 37 color. 25 color art. 5 b&w 
Pub Date: 03/27/2017

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