E. Dan Klepper

Window Trails Series: Subterranean Passage, 2020
photo-based, hand-painted monoprint on Stonehenge printmaking paper
12 x 12 in
This is a set of six, 12x12, photo-based, hand-painted monoprints on Stonehenge printmaking paper.

“Window Trails” depict video game-like symbols appearing along a nature trail (the Window Trail in Big Bend National Park). The images suggest that the natural world offers secret doorways and passages through which the mind may wander, in much the same way that symbols in a video game reveal hidden options that gamers may choose to pursue. The titles, such as “One-way Secret Door” and “Magic Barrier”, are appropriated from gaming symbology and are spelled out along the lower edge of each image - together with my signature - in Bookman Symbol 7, a font included with the release of Microsoft Windows 2003." - EDK

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