Elizabeth Walmsley

Elizabeth Walmsley

Elizabeth Harter Walmsley (1900-1993)

Walmsley was born in Barberton, Ohio, and lived in California, Arizona, and Mexico before settling in Dallas. She graduated from Washington University, St. Louis, with a Baccalaureate in architecture (1922) and worked in St. Louis as an interior designer (1922-30).  College, Lindsborg, Kansas, the School of Fine Arts, College, Washington University, St. Louis, the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, and in France and Italy. She taught at the Hockaday School, Dallas (1937-67), where she was chairman of the art department (1956-65). She earned a master of arts from Texas States College for Women, Denton (1947). Her specialties were art history, watercolors, printmaking, interior design, and crafts. Walmsley died in her Dallas home.


Joseph Sartor Galleries, Dallas (1932 and 1933 one-woman)

Annual Allied Arts Exhibition, Dallas (1933, 1935, 1941 award, 1942-46)

Texas Oklahoma General Exhibition (1941)

Annual Texas Print Exhibition, Dallas (1941 purchase prize, 1943, 1944 award, 1945, 1947)

Texas Printmakers Circuit Exhibition (1942-45)

Southwestern Prints and Drawings Annual Exhibition, Dallas (1950)

Texas Fine Arts Association Exhibition (1951-52)

Texas printmakers, 1940-1965, Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University, Dallas (1990)

Architects Club, St. Louis

St. Louis Artists Guild. 

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