Elizabeth Walmsley


Elizabeth Walmsley
Elizabeth Harter Walmsley (1900-1993) Walmsley was born in Barberton, Ohio, and lived in California, Arizona, and Mexico before settling in Dallas. She graduated from Washington University, St. Louis, with a Baccalaureate in architecture (1922) and worked in St. Louis as an interior designer (1922-30). College, Lindsborg, Kansas, the School of Fine Arts, College, Washington University, St. Louis, the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, and in France and Italy. She taught at the Hockaday School, Dallas (1937-67), where she was chairman of the art department (1956-65). She earned a master of arts from Texas States College for Women, Denton (1947). Her specialties were art history, watercolors, printmaking, interior design, and crafts. Walmsley died in her Dallas home. Exhibitions: Joseph Sartor Galleries, Dallas (1932 and 1933 one-woman) Annual Allied Arts Exhibition, Dallas (1933, 1935, 1941 award, 1942-46) Texas Oklahoma General Exhibition (1941) Annual Texas Print Exhibition, Dallas (1941 purchase prize, 1943, 1944 award, 1945, 1947) Texas Printmakers Circuit Exhibition (1942-45) Southwestern Prints and Drawings Annual Exhibition, Dallas (1950) Texas Fine Arts Association Exhibition (1951-52) Texas printmakers, 1940-1965, Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University, Dallas (1990) Architects Club, St. Louis St. Louis Artists Guild.