Frank Dolejska


Frank Dolejska
Frank Dolejska was born in 1921 in Houston, Texas. Dolejska’s interest in art began early and he taught himself many of the skills used in his works. For a brief time, Dolejska studied under McNeill Davidson and after serving in World War II, returned to Houston where he became the curator for a new organization: the Contemporary Arts Association, later to become the Contemporary Arts Museum. After departing from the CAA in 1956, Dolejska took up metal work, creating sculpture with copper and lead. Though many of his early paintings are rare due to Dolejska intentionally burning them, many of his later works were shown in many exhibitions including the 1940 Texas General Exhibition. His work was also the focus of one-man shows at the Corpus Christi Art Museum, the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Selected Biographical and Career Highlights · 1921, Born in Houston, Texas · 1939-1940, Studied under Ola McNeill Davidson · Worked alongside Robert Preusser · Served in the U.S. Army during World War II · Curator and founding member, Contemporary Arts Association, Houston, Texas · 1948-1954, Serves as co-director of the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas · 1956, Leaves the Contemporary Arts Association and begins producing metal sculptures · 1957, Founds Handmakers · 1989, Dies in Houston, Texas Selected Exhibitions · 1938-1939, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Texas · 1947, 1949-1955, Annual Exhibition of Work by Houston Artists · 1940, Texas General Exhibition, Dallas, Texas · 1949, One-man show, traveling exhibition to Corpus Christi Art Museum; Dallas Museum of Art; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas · 1951, Solo show, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Texas · 1951, Solo show, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas,h_400,c_fill/tqpol14sky5a6xn4yqau.jpg