Otis Huband


Otis Huband
OTIS DARE HUBAND, JR. (b. 1933) Otis Huband was born in 1933 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University and, after a tour of duty in the Navy, attended the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. He returned to complete both his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Virginia Commonwealth University and then travelled to Italy to study at the Academia de Bella Arta in Perugia. Huband returned from Europe in 1964 and moved to Houston the following year. Upon his arrival, he bypassed the local gallery scene by choice, opting instead to concentrate most of his time in his studio. In addition, he also worked as an art instructor at the University of Houston, the Museum (now Glassell) School of Art, Rice University, and the Art League of Houston. Biographical and Career Highlights 1933 Born in Fredericksburg, Virginia 1955–56 Richmond Professional Institute of the College of William & Mary (now the Virginia Commonwealth University), Richmond, Virginia 1956–57 Ventura Junior College, Ventura, California 1957–58 California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, California 1958–61 BFA and MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia 1963–64 Accademia di Bella Arti, Perugia, Italy 1967–71 Instructor, Museum School (now Glassell School), Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas 1967–72 Instructor, summer school for high school students, Rice University, Houston, Texas 1971–82 Instructor, Art League of Houston, Texas 1975 Instructor, Life Drawing, University of Houston, Texas Resides in Houston, Texas Selected Exhibitions · 1957 Solo, Studio Gallery, Oakland, California · 1956 Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond, Virginia · 1958–61 Pyramid Gallery, Richmond, Virginia · 1960 Solo, Erick Schendler Gallery, Richmond, Virginia · 1961 Solo, 20th Century Gallery, Williamsburg, Virginia · 1963–64 Udinotti Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona · 1964 Solo, Circolo di Universita, Perugia, Italy · 1965 Solo, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Lynchburg, Virginia · 1965 Solo, Oak Ridge Art Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee · 1965 Solo, Wisconsin State College, River Falls, Virginia · 1965–66 James Bute Gallery, Houston, Texas · 1966–67, Dubose Gallery, Houston, Texas · 1966–70, Erdon Gallery, Houston, Texas · 1966–70 Frederick Nila Gallery, Longview, Texas · 1968 Sol del Rio, San Antonio, Texas · 1968–70 Cascade Gallery, Eugenia, Oregon · 1972–90, Louisiana Gallery, Houston, Texas · 1974 University of Houston, Downtown, Houston, Texas · 1975 Faculty Exhibition, University of Houston, Texas · 1976 Solo, Ars Longa Gallery, Houston, Texas · 1976 Solo, University of Houston Health Science Center, Houston, Texas · 1989 Solo, Goethe Institute, Houston, Texas · 1993 Solo, Print Museum, Houston, Texas · 2010 The Texas Aesthetic: Contemporary Texas Regionalism, Annual Exhibition, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2010 The Figurative Revelations of Otis Huband: A Fifty Year Retrospective, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2010 Texas Collages: A Tribute to Kurt Schwitters, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2011 Lone Star Modernism: A Celebration of Mid-Century Texas Art, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2011 Breakthrough: Sixty Years of Texas Abstraction, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2011 Otis Huband: Recent Works, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2012 A Survey of Texas Modernists, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2012 Texas Expressionism, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2013 Paths to Abstraction: Paintings by Otis Huband and Jim Woodson, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2013 Lives Played Out on Canvas: Paintings by Otis Huband, Richard Stout, and Dick Wray, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2014 Houston Founders at City Hall Art Exhibition, City Hall, Houston, Texas · 2014 Solo, Figuratively Speaking: Paintings & Collages by Otis Huband, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2014 Lone Star Masters of Modernism, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2015 Bayou City Chic: Progressive Streams of Modern Art in Houston, Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas (catalogue) · 2015 Out of the Box: Figurative Expressionism & Otis Huband, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2015 Off the Easel: Recent Works by Otis Huband, William Reaves Fine Art, Houston, Texas · 2017 Modernist Figurations: Otis Huband, Charles D. Jones and Bill Reily, William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art, Houston, Texas Selected Public Collections Giacomo Colderone, Perugia, Italy Houston Grand Opera, Rigoletto painting for cover, Houston, Texas Merrill Lynch, Exploration & Development Department, Houston, Texas Mitchell Energy and Development Corporations, Houston, Texas