FOTOFEST - Ben Sklar: Drawn to the Punctum

For Fotofest 2020, Foltz Fine Art is pleased to introduce the work of contemporary photographer Ben Sklar in his first solo exhibition, Ben Sklar: Drawn to the Punctum. Sklar is an editorial, commercial and fine art photographer based in New York City. Throughout his career, Sklar has always maintained a distinct artistic vision with a love for film and the alchemy of the darkroom, and it is from an ongoing body of work taken over the past decade that this exhibition was born.  Throughout this varied body of work, Sklar’s photographs have a singular thread of commonality – each contains something unexpected, an element that catches the viewer off guard, causing them to pause and allow for personal reflection. It is this “punctum”, as French philosopher/critic Roland Barthes referred to it in Camera Lucida, that repeats throughout Sklar’s work, and redirects the viewer back to his own sense of self.  Sklar often uses the quotidian as a source of inspiration, and it is in seemingly small details that he captures with humor, compassion, at times, detached observation, that the viewer is repeatedly struck, finding or stumbling upon a point of impact or an element of fascination.