Ibsen Espada: Abrasive Silence

Ibsen Espada: Abrasive Silence

On view October 29 - November 27, 2021


Opening Reception: Friday, October 29th, 5:30 - 7:30pm


Starting October 29, 2021, Foltz Fine Art presents Ibsen Espada: Abrasive Silence, featuring over 50 recent paintings by the Houston artist. Espada has established himself as one of the most important contemporary Texas painters, working in a personal mode of gestural abstraction. Known for his unique use of materials, Espada utilizes carborundum as a new element in his latest body of work which enhances and activates the surface with its distinct texture and coarseness. Throughout his career, Espada’s style has continually evolved, yet his mark making is very much his own and subject to continual change of mood. While his previous signature use of bold, gestural black strokes/lines has diminished in this work, the viewer finds the artist employing different techniques in its place to create the same vibrance and colorful, energetic movement found in earlier works; both styles distinctly Espada.


Ibsen Espada: Abrasive Silence will be on view at Foltz Fine Art from October 29 – November 27, 2021, with opportunities to view the works in person and meet the artist by appointment. For more information, please visit FoltzGallery.com.


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