Immediacy: Watercolors by Dick Wray

After officially rebranding in January 2019 from William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Artto Foltz Fine Art, the gallery will be hosting its “next” exhibition – NEXT: Three Generations of Houston Abstract Expressionists, featuring recent works by Houston giants Richard Stout and Ibsen Espada and introducing Jonathan Paul Jackson. Earlier works by Stout and Espada will be on view, visually illustrating the stylistic developments for each artist throughout their respective careers. Also, on display will be a vignette exhibition entitled Immediacy: Watercolors by Dick Wray, as Wray was a colleague and major influence on all of the aforementioned artists. Presented by Foltz Fine Art, NEXT: Three Generations of Houston Abstract Expressionists and Immediacy: Watercolors by Dick Wray will be on view March 16—April 27, 2019

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