Jack Boynton: The Early Years, 1950-60s

Opening the Fall 2020 season, Foltz Fine Art presents a small, vignette exhibition featuring abstract works by Jack Boynton (1928-2010), from the 1950-60s.

Beginning in the early 1950s, Boynton perfected a reductive form of landscape painting by reducing Texas light, land and atmosphere to its simplest terms in paint.  In these early 1950s works, each produced mystical, highly-charged renditions which lent an expressionist vision to the Lone Star landscape for the first time.  Yet, by the end of the decade, Boynton sought to explore a more subjective experience transforming the real into a the imagined, with introspective, visionary painting leading to his “Event Horizon” works by the late 1960s.


Taking a closer look at his work during this critical, transitional period reveals striking artistic explorations. Boynton perfected his work in Houston, eventually helping to establish the Art Department at St. Thomas University. During this time, Boynton received the national acclaim, enabling him to achieve formidable exhibition records among his peers, with his mid-century Texas works embracing the walls of premier institutions, such as The Guggenheim, MoMA, The Whitney and the National Academy of Design. This exhibition reconsiders Boynton's ground-breaking works of the 1950s and 1960s, and his contribution in furthering the Modernist movement in the Postwar Texas art scene. 


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