Texas Visions: Paintings by Noe Perez & Sculpture by Jason Scull

Texas Visions: Paintings by Noe Perez & Sculpture by Jason Scull

On view December 3, 2021—January 22, 2022


Starting December 3, 2021, Foltz Fine Art presents Texas Visions: Paintings by Noe Perez & Sculpture by Jason Scull, featuring two artists’ interpretations of Texas. Both Perez and Scull grew up near South Texas brush country, and their mutual admiration of the land and the history and culture of Texas and the greater American West have informed two distinct approaches to capturing its essence and beauty – one in oil painting and the other in bronze sculpture. 


This highly anticipated exhibition marks the second solo exhibition for Noe Perez at Foltz Fine Art since his first in 2017.  Perez, a world-class painter from Falfurrias, Texas, spent most of his life surveying the flat, brushy South Texas ranch lands that surround his hometown, and has made a strong reputation for himself by painting this rugged countryside.  With keen eye and strong brush, Perez brings this sparse, sturdy country to life on canvas as well as painting other frequented places in Far West Texas and the Hill Country.  His beautiful paintings capture the understated grandeur and majesty of his native South Texas countryside; his exquisite compositions teasing out the strong light, brilliant colors and rich textures hidden within these tough prairie lands.  In giving voice to the land which he knows best, Perez has achieved notoriety as an exceptional painter, and his elegant landscapes have served the purpose of exposing the natural virtues of his beloved home country to the fuller view. 


Coinciding with the exhibition in Winter 2021, paintings by Noe Perez are featured in the newly released King Ranch: A Legacy in Art, published by Texas A&M University Press.  This project was launched after Perez received a commission from King Ranch to create the painting commemorating the one-hundred-year anniversary of the historic Main House. By pairing original paintings by artist Noe Perez with insightful essays from curators Bruce Shackelford and Ron Tyler, this book celebrates the many ways “King Ranch culture” has enriched appreciation for the decorative, practical, and fine arts in Texas and the greater American West. Book talks and signings with the artist and the writers will take place in both December 2021 and January 2022. 

Texas Visions: Paintings by Noe Perez & Sculpture by Jason Scull will be on view at Foltz Fine Art from December 3, 2021—January 22, 2022, with opportunities to meet the artists.  For more information, please visit FoltzGallery.com.


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On View: December 3, 2021—January 22, 2022

*Opening Reception: Saturday, December 4th, 6 – 8PM

*Book Talk & Signing Events: December 2021 & January 2022, TBD




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