Texas Paper: Watercolors, Pastels, and Drawings from the Lone Star State

Texas Paper: Watercolors, Pastels and Drawings from the Lone Star State  

As passionate advocates of the art and art history of our Lone Star State, we have often lamented that drawings, pastels and watercolors of early Texas artists remain largely underappreciated. Works on paper, even those of our state’s most accomplished artists, seem to receive scant attention and slight regard in comparison to Texas paintings in oil on canvas or board. This trend is perplexing, and seems to us to have the effect of limiting the broader public understanding and appreciation of the complete oeuvre of important Texas artists. Great artists have always worked on paper, producing important and cherished images which grace the world’s finest museums and private collections. So too has it been in Texas, with some of the most significant and compelling Texas subjects ever produced being executed on paper! 

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